We have seen the magic our chefs create in making some amazing dishes that have come out of our locally grown products. We appreciate their business and supporting Dakota Fresh.

Over the years, there has been in increase in interest in local foods πŸŒ±β€“ from produce πŸ«‘ to meat – that continues to soar among consumers nationwide. We produce everything from vegetables 🌢 and herbs 🌿 to eggsπŸ₯š beefπŸ₯© chicken πŸ— and lamb πŸ‘ as well as honey and some fruits. We are helping meet that local demand providing an array of local foods to wholesale and retail customers.πŸ₯—

Dakota Fresh Food Hub was established in 2016, where its mission is to assist local farmers in finding a local market for their products and are able to provide local, fresh ingredients to our customers. Dakota Fresh Food Hub is led by a board of directors made up of its 19 farmer-members all of whom are farmers within 100 miles of Sioux Falls. The food hub is helping put local foods on menus and on consumers’ tables.

There is such a difference in freshness, which is a large factor for buying locally grown produce when you can visually see the vibrant color of fresh vegetables that were given time to ripen before they were harvested, along with no chemicals or hormones were added to give them that natural color. The flavor makes an enormous difference when it is picked the same day or within 24 hours to give it more of an impactful, earthy flavor. 🌱

Building relationships with customers is the reason Dakota Fresh is completely different from a truck that backs up to the door and food that is delivered by its driver that is outsourced miles away, not the farmer who grew it. It is important to us as an organization that we continue to grow those relationships.

If you have not already set up an account, we would love to have you join our market at: https://dakotafresh.localfoodmarketplace.com/Acc…/Register and/or you can sign up for our weekly newsletter that highlights our farmer members, available products, and recipes.