Greetings Everyone!

We all know how much farmers make an impact every day on what we eat and how much goes into getting the finished product to us.

I toured Matt and Jamie Lindemann’s farm, Lindy Land Livestock of Alcester, SD who will be offering quality pork on our hub toward the end of November. I was excited to take a tour of their farm and see the passion they put into raising animals without the supportive use of vaccinations, antibiotics, or chemical dewormer. They understand the changes in animal and pasture behavior and performance and the relationship between the two.

There’s definitely a difference when you use natural feeding practices in their appearance and health and provides value to what we consume.

We would welcome your feedback as we begin the process of offering pork products through Dakota Fresh. Below are some options that they have available and value your opinion on the list.

Please reach out to Connie directly at with the options that you would select to provide us more direction when we begin to offer the product. I will also be sharing this via email to reach all of you as we value your feedback. Thanks in advance.


  1. Ground Pork (plain)
  2. Ground Breakfast sausage
  3. Italian Sausage
  4. Andouille Sausage
  5. Maple breakfast links
  6. Brats
    1. Fresh
    2. Cheddar
    3. Jalapeno cheddar
    4. Fresh green onion and cheddar
    5. Mac and Cheese
    6. * Can make pretty much anything- please list an option not on here that you would like to see