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Details for Customers

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Why Buy Local at Dakota Fresh?

Your choice of farm fresh products conveniently delivered!


Fresher & More Nutritious

Produce at Dakota Fresh is typically harvested at its prime within 24 hours of being delivered to you.

As a result our products are more nutrient dense with better flavor because they are handpicked just for you!

100% Local

You know exactly where your food is coming from! In fact all products at Dakota Fresh are sourced primarily within a 100 mile radius of Sioux Falls, SD.

This also means our products have a longer shelf life because they didn’t sit in a pack house, then warehouse, then on a truck for close to a week (or 1,500 miles) before arriving at a store where it sits again.

Economic Growth

Your money stays in your community! You are directly supporting your local economy.

Our producers spend their dollars at other local businesses when they are supported by your purchases

How Does it Work?

Our Dakota Fresh Marketplace is a lot like your local farmer’s market. Shop our ecommerce site weekly. Ordering is open Monday 8:00 am – Tuesday 6:00 pm. Choose the items you want and pick them up at our partner location,

Stensland Family Farms Ice Cream + Country Store (3101 W 41st St #109 Sioux Falls, SD 57105) on Friday afternoons from 3-6 pm. More pick-up locations coming soon.

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No membership fee, no minimum order, no delivery fee!

Wholesale Buyers

Are you a restaurant, grocery store or institution? 

Easily satisfy your customers’ desire for local foods year-round! Sign up on our marketplace to choose products from our wholesale product list. Ordering is open Monday 8:00 am-Tuesday 6:00 pm. We deliver on Thursdays.

Online ordering from a variety of farmers puts local foods in wholesale quantities right at your fingertips. Freshness, flavor and shelf-life are unparalleled in Dakota Fresh products because they come from nearby. Our manager offers personal customer service as the single point of contact for multiple farms, but you can also connect directly with any of our producers anytime.

We know value is important to you, so we offer quality local products with no contract, no minimum order and no delivery fee!

Where to Find
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And many more locations in our region!