About Us

What is a Food Hub?

We are a farmer-owned collective that pools resources to market and distribute our members’ products. We offer consumers the ability to purchase directly from many local farmers with one order via our online marketplace. Our farmers, all of whom are within 100 miles of Sioux Falls, are committed to sustainable food production for our communities.

Our Story

Dakota Fresh Food Hub began out of a desire for farmers in eastern South Dakota to expand their customer base while streamlining sales and delivery.  In 2016, after months of discussion, research and planning, Dakota Fresh was born: a farmer-owned organization to jointly market and deliver products to wholesale markets. In 2019, we expanded to serve individuals through our online farmer’s market, currently serving Sioux Falls and Brookings.

We are pleased to have been supported by many organizations who share our goal of expanding the reach of local, nutritious food in our region including SDSU Extension, Dakota Rural Action, South Dakota Specialty Producers Association, South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum, Stensland Family Farm, Bozieds and Dakota Community Market.


Dakota Fresh is a cooperative LLC. Members share equal ownership, operate and invest in the food hub. Our volunteer board of managers keeps the hub running, and we depend on a manager to oversee to our sales and delivery staff to get the produce to its final destination. We are currently accepting new producers who share a collaborative mindset and a commitment to sustainable/regenerative growing practices! For details on how to join, click here!

A Growing Venture

We have expanded our initial wholesale market to retail sales, and we continue to set our sights on growth. As a community-minded food hub, we are committed to being a resource and conduit for local food access in southeast South Dakota. As such, we are continually developing partnerships with like-minded groups and businesses to encourage a thriving local food movement in our region. Contact us to discuss how we can partner with your organization!

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